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SAT & ACT Prep

Focus Learning Academy, Inc. offers 5 weeks of SAT & ACT test prep workshops leading up to the actual test date.

Workshops are held Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Students work in small groups (1-5 students). The first half of the morning, students will focus on either the Reading/Language Arts portion of the test, or the Mathmatics section. The second half, students switch subjects. This way, each Saturday, students are given an hour and a half of Reading & an hour and a half of Math. 

Students are equipped with test taking strategies on how to "beat the test" and given an individualized study plan to help them excel in their areas of weakness. 


Below are the current SAT/ACT test dates with their corresponding Workshops.

2018-19 SAT.JPG
2018-19 ACT.JPG

**There are alternate schedules available for students who are unable to attend Saturday morning sessions.**

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